Vegetarian zucchini oven dish

A friend came over for dinner on a warm day and I felt like preparing something light, delicious that didn’t require an awful lot of work.

A vegetarian zucchini oven dish was perfect for that. This recipe is based on vegetables and cheese and so totally vegetarian proof. Continue reading “Vegetarian zucchini oven dish”

Quiche with goat cheese & oyster mushrooms

When I was rewriting this recipe for this quiche with goat cheese, I decided to make it one more time but ditch the puff pastry and bacon. Aka: a skinny quiche. It was divine and my sister agreed.

Ingredients for one quiche with goat cheese for 4 people

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Chicken stew with parsnip

The best  idea I ever had, was to get a subscription on biological veggies from a farm near my house. Not only are the veggies grown locally and free of pesticides (healthy), you also get seasonal vegetables, which means you discover food you might never even have heard of.  Another advantage is you never know which veggies you will get which makes it cooking a bit more surprising and fun.

With every box of veggies, you get a newsletter with very easy recipes to make.

This easy, Southern European stew with parsnip and chicken is one of those recipes and truly a gem.  Continue reading “Chicken stew with parsnip”