Easy vanilla pudding pie

I am a sucker voor selfmade desserts. A piece of brownie in the morning (breakfast anyone?), a cookie in the afternoon, some pie in the evening. While I was searching easy and tasty desserts with the limited supplies I had left in my fridge and cupboard, I bumped on this easy, crumble vanilla pudding pie recipe.

I made it a sunday evening and brought it into the office on monday. This vanilla pudding pie was more than liked by my coworkers.

Try it out!


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Quiche with goat cheese & oyster mushrooms

When I was rewriting this recipe for this quiche with goat cheese, I decided to make it one more time but ditch the puff pastry and bacon. Aka: a skinny quiche. It was divine and my sister agreed.

Ingredients for one quiche with goat cheese for 4 people

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